Surgical Procedures

Surgical Procedures
Surgical_Procedures.jpgWe routinely provide a wide array of Surgical Procedures in our office. Some of these procedures include: Spay, Neuter, Dental Cleaning,  Teeth Extractions with high speed drill, Gingivectomies and Gingival Flaps.  Mass/Tumor Removal, Cherry Eye tucking, and more. Our office is equipped with top of the line machinery to make sure that your pet is cared for as you would like them to be.

*As of 2019 SFAH does not offer or promote feline declaws. If cat is have an issue, schedule behavior appointment  61559592337

At SFAH, mobile, boarded veterinary surgeon Dr. Nunley is contracted to perform surgeries for our patients. All orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries can be performed by Dr. Nunley.

Any other surgeries are referred to NVS/Nashville Veterinary Specialists.
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We are here for support before, during, and after surgery. We know how stressful surgery can be for your pet and you!!