Radiology is a useful diagnostic tool which provides our veterinarians with a view of the internal organs and  skeletal system. At South Franklin Animal Hospital we have upgraded our radiology suite to offer digital radiographs.  Not only is the quality of the image superior, time for development of x-rays is minutes, and images can be sent to specialists for immediate consultations. SFAH has a close network with Veterinary Radiologist {s} and Veterinary Surgeon {s} for opinions and recommendations on radiographs.  At South Franklin we feel that our patients deserve the best.

Radiographs are not only used or recommend for sick animals. Preventive medicine with radiographs of hips, stifles, and elbows of large, young breeds at 6 months and again at 24 months. Ask Us!

Chest Radiographs recommend as our pet get older too. Ask Us!