Complete Dental Care

Dental Cleaning                

Oral health maybe one of the most important factor in your pet's overall well being. We perform routine check-ups on your pet's teeth and gums, and we also recommend full cleanings a minimum of once a year. This allows us to closely examine your pet's mouth, check for lesions or abnormalities, remove tartar and plaque {above and below gum line} , polish teeth, and apply tooth sealants.

Periodontal disease is a breed and size predilection,  so certain breeds and certain sizes are more at risk and require dental cleanings more often. Periodontal disease is also linked to heart disease and other internal organ health, so regular cleanings are key to overall pet health.

To perform the dental cleaning your pet will be put under anesthesia to prevent them from moving around and to allow the doctor to perform a full examination and cleaning. We make sure that your pet is on full electronic monitoring equipment and warm during the entire process. While your pet is under the doctor examines the mouth, gums, tongue, cheeks, and teeth. This can reveal any cases of lesions, gum disease, tooth decay, or other problems. When these are discovered, they can usually be handled during the treatment. After examining the mouth the doctor will complete a thorough cleaning, polish, and fluoride treatment above the gum line, and ultrasonic waves under the gum line to address dental disease. It is believed that the "black" bacteria that causes mouth odor, lives under the gum line. So this is a critical and often missed part of every dental cleaning. A good Chlorhexidine Solution is flushed into mouth and gums. Fluoride foam is applied to heal/treat teeth and  gums.

Dental Sealants are now being widely used in veterinary medicine. Sanos is a product applied to all teeth at gum line to demote plaque accumulation. Research shows approximately 50% reduction of dental calculus with Sanos.  For small breeds with predilection of periodontal disease, Sanos is worth the cost.

Home dental hygiene is a critical follow up to a full dental cleaning. Veterinary Dental Association is now giving the veterinary field with Tier treatment for  pet dental health.

Tier I: Diet

Tier 2: Treats, Chews, bones

Tier 3: Supplements- on food, in mouth/gums. Topical sprays, gels, wipes

Best home care if possible is daily brushing of pet's teeth. If that is not possible we offer some proven supplies to decrease mouth odor, plaque formation, gum disease, and prolong the time in between dental cleanings.  Dental diets are one of the best methods to care for your pet's dental health. Royal Canin line of veterinary diets are dental supportive. Royal Canin Dental Diet comes in a large biscuit and a smaller biscuit great for treats and/or post meal cleaning.

SFAH promotes safe, USA  made dental chews, CET chews, knuckle bones. SFAH does not recommend due to tooth fractures any kind of antler.   Veterinary Health Oral Council VHOC  approval for dental products for feline and canine

Digital Dental Radiology is coming to SFAH. We know the importance of full mouth/teeth radiographs in the human field, and know how important this is with our animals, too. Considering most of the disease process in both species is below the gumline and not visible, digital radiographs are critical to address underlying disease and pain in our pets. At SFAH we believe in having the tools to practice and offer best medicine and care of our beloved animals.