Behavior/Nutrition & Allergy /Dermatology Consultations

Consultation appointments are longer and more intensive  to obtain all key information and discover the root cause for the complaint.

Puppy Training/Socialization Techniques

Puppy visits are considered part of these appointments since there is so much to go over with a new addition, such as crate training, feeding schedule, and socializaton. If we can get off on the right foot with a new puppy addition, then they will be a well mannered addition to the family and to our practice. We follow a positive-reward based training with no direct punishment. We believe in structured crate training and feeding schedule. It is recommended that all puppies are socialized to a variety of situations, people, and objects.   It is recommended that all puppies undergo training or behavior counseling, especially for first time dog owners We believe we can prevent future behavior issues and re homing due to lack of training/manners. We can assist you in this process for your puppy. Puppies are not the only ones who need training, however. Many adult dogs need to undergo re-training/re-crating for variety of reasons. Ask us if you have questions. 

Behavior Concerns/Advice and Behavior Training Techniques

Behavior concerns are any habits that your pet has that you cannot live with and/or you are over having a pet with no manners. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is the most common cause of behavior problems and issues. Good news.... we can help/assist. Bad may need to be re trained. Call us!

Behavior counseling may determine short and/or long term medications to help balance serotonin in your pet, but behavior modification must take place in home to see long term, real results.

Behavior issues do not have a cure, they are managed and supported.

Behavior medications, diet changes, supplements can all have a multi-modal approach.

Nutrition is really the most important concern or question we need to assist our owners. Diet is the #1 tier in ALL RECOMMENDATIONS/TREATMENT CONSIDERATIONS!! SFAH supports Royal Canin for all  the enormous research and white paper studies in all areas of concern with pet's health. Royal Canin is the most superior of diets you can offer your pet. Based on your pet's needs. Based on concerns/issues with certain size dogs and breeds. No need to have supplements if you do not want to include in your pet's diet. Royal Canin can be recommend for preventative concerns/issues. Royal Canin can be recommend for specific areas, such as, dental disease or osteoarthritis. Remember to prevent is best medicine/care.  Ask us!

Allergies/Skin Concerns/Issues

Our pet's  chewing, rubbing face, and licking feet is one of the most common complaints owners bring their pets into the veterinary hospital. If not addressed in a complete approach most of the allergies and concerns will continue unresolved.  Skin allergies that are most common in our area are 1/flea allergy, 2/Inhalant allergies{ atopy }, and 3/Food Allergies. Not only do ALL the allergies have to be addressed, but all secondary infections. At SFAH, we have a special interest in skin cases and allergies, so close communication and followup is key to the success of this frustrating, non curable, but treatable disease

SFAH believes multi-modal approach offers best long term control of atopic dermatitis. Diet is a huge component. But not grain free, a proven diet like Royal Canin. Also correct topical therapy to heal, hydrate, and thicken skin/dermis.

We offer complete allergen testing via Spectrum for 55+ inhalant allergens and food allergens, to get to the underlying cause to desensitize through immunization therapy.