Home Update 2016

South Franklin Animal Hospital

continues growth with

Fear-Free Practices and Multi-Modal Treatments

South Franklin Animal Hospital started seeing behavior cases with a heavy influence in anxiety/fear, fear aggression, and separation issues. Naturally this influence has opened awareness on pet's fear and anxieties coming to the hospital setting, and how this stress effects examination findings, blood work results, and diagnosis. Stress or anxieties in our pets are related to disease processes and life span. We have realized how all aspects of our hospital can make a difference on the overalls stress and anxiety our beloved patients may experience.

Dr.Cheryl Sammons and South Franklin Animal Hospital are in the process of a total remodel of our building at 137 Alpha Drive in Franklin for 2016, with overall focus on Fear-Free Practice. Dr. Sammons has Animal Arts Architecture Firm out of Boulder, Co designing the hospital with design layout, client-patient flow, ventilation, wall insulation, and flooring system. Aspects such as odor control, calming scent / pheromone rooms/wards, and color palettes will be infused into this new facility.

South Franklin Animal Hospital will be enrolled in upcoming Fear-Free Practice Modules for advanced learning, techniques, and certification. There is a continual learning curve in veterinary medicine, especially in the area of behavior concerns. SFAH is fully aware of behavior issues, and the ultimate results of unwanted pets, shelter over-load, and strays.  We work with amazing rescue groups and are faced with the results of untreated or unaddressed behavior issues. Most of these are related to anxieties, fear, stress, boredom, and lack of structure/leadership. It is our duty to address this behavior issue from all aspects, starting with our practice techniques, owner education, and understanding.

Another area of concentration for South Franklin Animal Hospital is a best medicine multi-modal approach to our beloved pet's treatment. It is a golden rule that there is" no.. .one injection treatment that is long term good." So treatment and prevention is usually a commitment of a daily approach.  Our believe is the foundation of disease treatment and prevention is nutrition. That does not mean FAD diets, but founded research on diets that address issues. Diets are a first, line defense on most diseases addressed in animals.  Along with diets, are proven medications, supplements, and additives. Multi-modal treatment approach is  key in the successful  treatment of chronic, un curable diseases such as allergies/skin issues, osteoarthritis, and behavior. This approach is a team effort between the doctor, staff/team, and owner to give our beloved pets the fullest, pain-free, fear-free life.