At SFAH, we follow the Fear Free approach for our patients while boarding and want to make sure you are aware of what this means for you and your pet. https://fearfreehappyhomes.com

We have learned that many times, a pet's FAS [fear, anxiety, and stress] level is affected by things that happen before arriving at our facility. We also know that your pet cares about you and maybe affected if you feel stressed. Please know that we will do all we can to help ease you both!!

Sometimes pet owners are not aware of some of the subtle signs of anxiety in pets. You can make the preparation for dropping off at our hospital effortless if you can head off anxiety before it starts.

If your pet is a dog, you should be aware of the following signs:

  • Panting
  • Restlessness
  • Hiding
  • Vocalizing [whining, barking}

If your pet is a cat, watch for the following signs:

  • Yowling
  • Hiding
  • Hissing
  • Pinning ears back
  • Crouching motionless

We want your pet to feel safe and secure in our care. If you have noticed any of these signs in your pet associated with coming to stay with us, please alert us immediately.

Our veterinarian can review pet's medical records and tailor a plan to address your pet's FAS prior to the stay. This may include dietary supplements or medications to help decrease fear and anxiety.

Our first effort for FAS is to ensure pet have what they need. ENSURE TO BRING BEDDING WITH FAMILIAR SMELLS, FAVORITE TREATS/BONES/TOYS, REGULAR FOOD, AND ALL MEDICATIONS.  Then covering kennel and spraying pheromones. Trazodone is SFAH 's first line of medications, quick acting for anxieties. This is not a sedative, but an anxiolytic medication. Ideally this is wonderful to start at the first signs of any signs of FAS.

We do not allow dogs to continue showing any signs of FAS, not only for their overall health, but others around them. All animals give off pheromones of FAS, that affects animals around them.