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Is Your Dog's Food AAFCO labeled?

AAFCO is the Association of American Feed Control Officials. AAFCO regulates dog food to ensure nutritionally balanced and adequate. FDA requires AAFCO labeling for consumers knowledge.

"Organic" and "Natural" labeling has no AAFCO or FDA support.

Grain-Free diets are seen by the veterinary community to be a fad only.

Remember to be a "true" hypoallergenic diet or a free of corn or other allergen diet, the food plant must produce pet food in a non-human food plant. Human food plants are guaranteed to have corn residue, as 90% of our food contains corn.

Royal Canin does limited advertising, since most of their money is put to private pet food plants and research.

Research the company that is making your dog's food and where it is made to be more certain of ingredients, especially if no AAFCO labeling.