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What is in your dog's poop?

Regular canine fecal examinations are recommended every 6 months! Wonder why?

Dog's poop can carry many intestinal parasites and protozoa that cannot only make them sick, but are zoonotic to us. Transmission of disease to humans can be very serious especially in kids.

 Intestinal parasites such as roundworm, hookworm, whipworm shed eggs into the stool. Protozoa cyst/eggs found in stool such as Giardia and Coccidia species.

 Currently at SFAH we are seeing a lot of a protozoa positive samples with Neospora or Isospora, also referred to as Coccidia. Some dogs are clinical with diarrhea, several have no signs. There are many species of Coccidia. Many come from local wildlife.

Regular fecal examinations are best preventative care for YOU and YOUR DOG!!