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Fall Allergies

Fall Allergies maybe worse than spring allergies for some dogs and cats. Not only are fleas and mosquitos still biting to get blood meals, but yes that gorgeous yellow flower roadside is Ragweed.

People and pets get hay fever symptoms with runny eyes/nose, sneezing, and congestion. Dogs and cats also have feet/paw licking/chewing, face/ear rubbing, and secondary skin infections.

Most important for pet's allergies is keeping them on their flea/tick product every 30 days and year a  round. Not only will you stop the flea from biting, but prevent future flea infestations with eggs, larvae, and pupae in your environment!! YUCK!

For pets that have FAD-flea allergic dermatitis, the flea product MATTERS!! Meaning the fastest killing products are the best!! TRIFEXIS, COMFORTIS, and ADVANTAGE MULTI!