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Multi-Modal Treatment Approach

I am finding that of our most successful, long term treatments, the multiple modal model is best for pet and owners. There is no one treatment or injection that solves most cases. As most cases are long term management, no curable diseases.

Multiple modal treatment for allergies, osteoarthritis, and behavior cases. This spans diet, supplements, topical therapy, alternative therapy, and prescriptions. As a veterinarian, my job is to outline best therapies in all categories. As a owner/client, you have to ensure to be on board with all treatments and execute.

As SFAH works and supports several rescue groups, we are clear that it is not the animal's fault, it is not the disease's fault, ..... it is the veterinarian and owner's fault for not working together to solve the cases. Not only short term, but long term. Pets become rescue dogs for behavior and/or skin/allergies.