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Multi Modal Anesthesia and Local Anesthesia

Veterinary medicine is always moving forward, and if you do not keep up learning you will behind.

South Franklin Animal Hospital is keeping up with better, safer, and more effective anesthesia protocols. Both doctor and technician attended a webinar recently on all aspects of anesthesia, focusing on pain management and smooth recovery from anesthesia. Local anesthetics or local blocks will be added to SFAH anesthesia protocols to reduce pain and anesthesia.

Anesthesia is a very scary topic for a lot of clients. Either they have had a negative experience or just have fears of putting their pet under anesthesia. Please talk with us openly, so we can alleviate your anxieties and talk through concerns. If you are anxious amount your pet's anesthesia, remember they feel all of our emotions too. At South Franklin Animal Hospital, we would like our owners educated and calm, therefore their pet, our patient ,is also calm.