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Hydration is the Topic of 2016!!

In the veterinary field there is an enormous stir in how dehydrated our pets are, especially cats. Renal disease is the #1 killer in cats and increasing in dogs. Blood testing is getting more and more sensitive, early in renal/kidney disease with SDMA detecting at 25-35%.

Hydration can be increased with the addition of canned or moist food being offered. I recommend this on all feline of any life stage, either daily or weekly. Small breed dogs also need to be fed canned, moistened, or a mix to help with hydration. The high incidence of urinary crystals, infection, and urinary bladder stones in small breeds can be reduced with increased hydration and diuresis of urine.

Water fountains that aerate the water seem to be effective to increase taste of water, therefore drinking.

SFAH recommend Royal Canin diets. Preventive diets are the key to disease prevention!

SFAH sells Pet Safe water fountains in ceramic and stainless steel.